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  • Sunday, August 16, 2009

    some important tips for husband/wife for a happy Muslim family

    Here, we are now trying to help you by providing some important tips to make your family a happy Muslim family Insha'Allah! We expect from husband and wife both should try to implement these tips in order to achieve the best state of Imaan, Amaal and bringing Islam in every part of our heart Insha'Allah Taa'la!

    The tips are:

    > Always greet her/him whenever you arrive at home!

    > Advise her/him in privacy and at the best time. Don’t advise her/him in the presence of others, since it can be a type of humiliation.

    > Avoid anger whether she/he does common mistakes every time!

    > Be a good listener, try to read her/his mind!

    > Speak of her/him goodness in the presence of others.

    > Leave her/his past to Allah Ta'ala!

    > Shaitaan/Nafs is your enemy, NOT your wife/husband!

    > Compliment her/him! Give her/him the gifts of the tongue.

    > Designate a nice, clean, spacious area in your home for the 2 of you to pray at night whenever you can. Keep it smelling nice and fresh with incense, etc.

    > Make du’aa for her/his and always remember her/him in your du’aas.

    > Help her with the children; it’s not only her job it’s yours too!

    > Do masowara at home with her/him for daily necessities for duniya as well as akhirat!

    > Try to take her/him for 3 days with Tabligh Jamaat in every three months.

    Insha'Allah by adopting these tips for the sake of Allah Taa'la we believe strongly and hope that we all can make our family as happy as it was in the time of Sahabas [radiyallau anhum].

    Verily Allah Taa'la knows all.



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