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  • Sunday, August 16, 2009

    some important tips for husband/wife for a happy Muslim family

    Here, we are now trying to help you by providing some important tips to make your family a happy Muslim family Insha'Allah! We expect from husband and wife both should try to implement these tips in order to achieve the best state of Imaan, Amaal and bringing Islam in every part of our heart Insha'Allah Taa'la!

    The tips are:

    > Always greet her/him whenever you arrive at home!

    > Advise her/him in privacy and at the best time. Don’t advise her/him in the presence of others, since it can be a type of humiliation.

    > Avoid anger whether she/he does common mistakes every time!

    > Be a good listener, try to read her/his mind!

    > Speak of her/him goodness in the presence of others.

    > Leave her/his past to Allah Ta'ala!

    > Shaitaan/Nafs is your enemy, NOT your wife/husband!

    > Compliment her/him! Give her/him the gifts of the tongue.

    > Designate a nice, clean, spacious area in your home for the 2 of you to pray at night whenever you can. Keep it smelling nice and fresh with incense, etc.

    > Make du’aa for her/his and always remember her/him in your du’aas.

    > Help her with the children; it’s not only her job it’s yours too!

    > Do masowara at home with her/him for daily necessities for duniya as well as akhirat!

    > Try to take her/him for 3 days with Tabligh Jamaat in every three months.

    Insha'Allah by adopting these tips for the sake of Allah Taa'la we believe strongly and hope that we all can make our family as happy as it was in the time of Sahabas [radiyallau anhum].

    Verily Allah Taa'la knows all.


    1. If anyone try this please give here some feedback.

    2. i am trying these things and believe me deen me 100% kaamiyaabi hai and i am getting sucess because of deen.

    3. Beautiful tips.


      Islam(Religion of peace)offers heaven not in life hereafter, but also in this life especially in conjugal life.

      May Allah make all of our families heavens.

    4. Jajakallah rakib for your message.You are cordially invited to this site and please don't forget to write message.

    5. jazak allah khair for beautiful reminder. may allah swt grant us all pious muslim husbands and wives.. amin

    6. এই রকম একটা কাঁকন পড়া হাত দেখাইয়া তো আমার হৃদয় স্পদন বাড়াইয়া দিলেন। এই পোস্ট পইড়াতো আমার আল্লহর কথা মনে হইবার বদলে মাইয়া মানুষের কথা মনে পড়তেছে। যামু কই? ইসলামের নামে কত ধরণের ফেতনা বাহির হইল এই যুগে :(

    7. Jazakallah Khayr Brother,

      Beatufiul post.

      Greeting spuuse as soon as they come home is an excellent reccomendation. It always makes my husband and my day better when I greet him at the door.

      I agree wholeheartedly with the reccomendation that we should avoid common mistakes. There is not point in arguing over minute things, besides there is less stress when you hide their faults instead of starting a conflict over them... Keep it up brother

    8. Asalam u Alaikum....!
      Meri shadi ko aik sal 4 maah huwe hai n mei 4 maah ka aik beta hai... mei apne parents ke sath rehti hun with my husband.... baby hone tak my husband's behaviour was exactly same like these tips... but after baby my husband is changed a lot... ab choti choti baat pe larai hoti hai koi general baat b krae ho tuh us pe mod off kr lete hain... mei boht pareshan hun k kiya karun

    9. choti choti mistakes pe taana marte ha... mje koi time nhi dete aik din ki b off nhi ha job se... meri amh se bahir hai k kiun aik damm in mei aisa change agay hai.... m only child of my parents because of that hm un k sath rehte hain... n aj mere husband mere parents ko bulana tuh door dekhna b nhi chahte.... aur shuru mei mei papa ke qadmo se nhi uthte... aj kehte hain k tumhare papa ka faisla tha k hum un k sath rahen... unko hmari responsibility uthani chaiye na k mjhe

      mei apni koi b problem un se share kr k unko tens nhi krna chahti...

    10. mere papa burhey ho chukey hai koi kaam nhi krskte...

      ab please ap mjhe islamic point of veiw se batae k mei kaise apna ghar bachaun



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