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  • Sunday, June 19, 2011

    canvas prints

    Canvas prints is a modern fashion now a days. People wants to see their photo in a canvas way which makes them happy and more good looking.But in past days it depends mainly on artists who draw the canvas picture of any people and the people want to draw the canvas picture stood before the artists. But modern technology make it much easier than that of days. Today canvas prints can be done by creating an online account only. http://www.personalcanvasart.com is such a website. In that website one can easily create an user account and get help about canvas prints. For getting the canvas print picture one should first create an account in that website. And then they should send them a good quality photo of themselves for which the canvas print picture will be made. But it should be in high quality.Because then the people connected with website can make the canvas print digital picture of the user. But it is hard for the user to upload the picture in high quality then they should not upload the picture in the website rather they should send the picture via mailing system. http://www.personalcanvasart.com/help_answer.asp?ID=17#46 is the mailing address. More over to get a good digital picture 300 dpi jpegs are usually optimal for their use and will work in most cases.

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