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  • Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Dallas Clown

    David Slick is a very unique Dallas Clown. He specializes in entertaining children and adults at the same time by combining world-class skills and original comedy routines. Having seen children scared by makeup covered clowns, David Slick opts to wear very little or no makeup. Instead, you'll get a professional entertaining clown all ages can feel comfortable around. Your audience will laugh and cheer at the huge stunts Slick the clown manages. You’ll see stunts like pulling 50 feet of paper from his mouth, juggling knives on a tall unicycle, and real fire breathing/eating. So if you are worried that a clown will be too scary for your young audience or too immature for your older audience, David Slick is a clown that all ages will love. Remember, Slick will travel as far as China for your event. This Guinness World Record Holder entertains all events from a Fort Worth Birthday Party to an Arkansas church festival!

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