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  • Monday, May 4, 2009

    First chilla in Tablighi jamaat:Part2

    Then starts the first day of our sofor(chilla).The local bujurg made our destination plan for the first 18 days (6 mosque ,3 days in each mosque).In morning one local sathi(companion) came to us and said that he would be our rahbar(travel guide) upto the first mosque. It should be mention there that in our jamat there was no Alim(islami scholar) who would t aught us different islami basic topin like salat,udu,bathe and many other things. So as a jimmadar I thought what will be our fate .In our jamat there were many new sathi .How could we learn islam.But ALLAH wrote different things in our fate.

    We found local mosque Imam very friendly. He shared his valuable time with us and taught us different basic of islam. Our people enjoyed his companion. So far I remembered there were 6 sathi who were completing their 3 chilla(passign 4 months in the path of ALLAH continuously).Two sathi were old and two were in middle age and the remaining were very young. The local people were very friendly. Specially in our country Mymensing is the best place for tabligh.Here so many people completed their 3 chilla in the path of ALLAH.They invited us several time to take food and after masohara (discussion) among us we granted their invitation.The local people were not so rich.But they tried their levelbest to satisfy us by feeding their best possible item.We were extremely happy with their behaviour. In the same time our dini mehonot (try to make people understand) was also going on.Every day in the morning after Fazr prayer a sathi from our jamaat delivered his speech based on 6 points to the local people in the mosque.After finishing it generally we went out of the mosque to invite the local people to Iman. After half an hour or 1 hour we returned to mosque. Then we did some nofol ibadat.At that time some of our sathi also got rest. Sometimes I also took rest. In this time our sathi were engaged with their khidmah. They engaged to prepare breakfast. After 1 or 2 hour we took our breakfast and then sat down for masohara(discussion about our planning) . As our jamaat was big enough our masohara continued for one hour in average. After masohare we started talim.In this part we read two kitab(book) named ‘Fazail- a -amal’ and ‘’Fazail-a- sadakat. Generally every day 4 hours should be allocated for talim .But we could not afford to do that .So far I can remember 3 hours or 3 and half hours are allocated for talim. This talim is divided in two parts. We tried to do talim 2 hours from 10.00-12.00.And in 1 or 1.5 hours from 3.00 to 4 or 4.5. After finishing talim in the morning we took bathe and washed our cloth and took for Zohr prayer. In this time some sathi recited from AL-Quran. Some sathi also did some discussion about different topic. After zorh prayer a sathi from us read from Fazail-e-Amol to the local people. Then we discussed some time about different Islamic topic. So far I can remember this discussion held for at most half an hour. In the same time our khidmah sathi were busy with preparing our food. It should be mentioned that the khidmah jamaat was not constant. Everyday in the meaning during masohara, I as a jimmadar said “Who are ready to be the sathi of khidmah jamaat.” Then almost all the people raised their hand.Then I choose 2 or 3 sathi for the khidmah jamaat.Later we fixed 6 or 7 jamaat each of contained 2 or 3 sathi for the khidmah jamaat.And the jamaat was circulating their position for their part for the khidmah jamaat.
    Third part Is coming soon.

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