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  • Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    To Dear Mehedi Islam

    This post is dedicated to Mehedi Islam,one of my blog reader.I even don't know his nationality but May-02 of this year i found some questions from him in one of my blog comment.I have tried to answer all the questions.I think both the questions and the answers are very important to all the muslim.So i am making a post regarding the Q&A.

    Mehedi Islam:Please don't misunderstand me but shouldn't you start giving dawah to your locality first before moving onto another city/mosque/country?
    Me:Please imagine a scene.A man go abroad to give dawah.Then local people say "Why do you come here?Are all the people of your country get hedayat?If not then go your country and give then dawah." So the people comes to his country go to dawah to local people.Then the local people say "You give dawah to us but what about your family?"So he quits to give dawah to the local people.Then he starts to give dawah to his family.Then one of his family member say "You give dawah to us but what about you?Are you perfect?" Then what should he do? In this regard,Dear brother our Propher(Peach be upon Him) went to Madina before all the people of Macca got Hedayat.
    Mehedi Islam:Also are you aware of unauthentic hadiths in Fazail e Amal?
    Me:I am conscious about unauthentic hadiths in Fazail e Amal.But according to Muhaddis(Master of hadiths) weak hadis is allowed to describe in case of Fazail but not for Masail.
    Mehedi Islam:Also don't you consider doing these extra practises part of innovations in the religion as the predecessors of the Prophet did not practice it.
    Me:All the practices that are doing tablighi jamaat is from Quran,Hadis or the life of Sahaba-e-kiram.

    Mehedi Islam:Lastly, I went Bangladesh last year and realised they thought I'm a taublighi and was giving me negetive vibe. Until I made a clear I am not part of the Taublighi jamat. So just want to know why do Muslims in Bangladesh have negative view of Taublighis?
    Me:.Yes i agree with you that some of the Bangladeshi people are anti tablighi.But it is common practice.Because when the prophet began to give dawah to his community ,his community went against him.It is not the sign of any wrong activities of any movement.

    Jajakallah Mehedi.I think you asked the question only to know the real fact.Brother today Tablighi movement is spreading all over the world.I think it will be better for you to spend some time with this movement.It will make your dunya(the life of earth) and akhirat(the life hereafter) better,happy and more more peaceful.


    1. prophet and sahabas played active role in controlling and regulating economics,politics,cultures,government including every sect of social and personal life.
      --Sobuz will u plz tell me how the people engaged in tablig r following prophet and sahabas.are not they following a very very small fraction of their practices?


    2. &Maruf Jajakallah Maruf for your valuable comment.What you comment is a common question against Dawat and Tabligh.I think you have asked this question just to know the real facts and you have no objection against Dawat and tabligh.For your kind information i want to mention some information which is described below.

      1.This movement does not effect economics,politics,cultures,goverment direcly.Its true.But this movement creates man(a real ,honest,hard working and a man with fear to ALLAH)who can influenced these kind of sector you mention.
      2.Tablighi movement does not forbid people to took part in any kind of sector you mention.Suppose one tablighi is an engineer.Then this movement supposes him to continue his profession and proved him efficiency in this sector.He should not quit his sector.It is a practical scenario that people engaged in this movement is generally more efficient than others.
      3.If people of all those sector you mention are engaged with this movement,i think their performance will be increased and they can effect the system more positively.
      4.For your information,Our prophet made the right people for right position such as politics,economics and others.For example Hasrat Umar bin Khattab was not ruler by born ,he was just shepherd but when practiced total islam in his life ALLAh made him such a ruler that he won half of the earth in his short period of life.

      So this tablighi movement is trying these kind of people who can motivate all those sector you mentioned.So we all should to engage this movement and try to change the world.



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