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  • Friday, June 5, 2009

    Please boycott NIKE as a minimum

    Dear All,
    Believe me we'll not die if we don't use NIKE products. But we'll certainly find no escape at the day of judgement that what action we took against NIKE..
    Please boycott NIKE as a minimum. (rear view in the picture )This is what the 'NIKE' company did ....
    'NIKE' company wrote the name of 'ALLAH' (Nauz Billah) on the shoes & from the back so no one will notice this ........

    IF we have dignity / nobility we need to forward this msg. Please DON'T STOP ...... and say no to wear Nike in future. whether he apologise for same ...its a different matter that how much we do against Allah's commendments. but we love Allah. nobody is ours when we truly need but only ALLAH. can't tolerate such type of disgusting and punishable activities.

    i love my allah and muhammad (pbuh)

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    1. I think they wrote that for us to notice. To make us angry. It is probably just another one of the many Zionist plots that we hear about everyday. They want to make the Muslims angry. Just like the cartoons of the Prophet, which were proven to have been published by a plan from Zionists.



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