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  • Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Unknown diamond in muslim world

    He was heard to say that he counted upto above 5500 (perhaps only in america) people, who brought islam on his hands and then left counting for the matter of ikhlas.
    Muslim world doesn’t know him because he is connected with such people who work for the cause of Allah.
    Their main aim is Allah be pleased with them and grant them jannath.
    Their main aim is that all the muslims come together and follow islam and work to spread islam.
    They are silent, they never say bad about others because they really follow sayings of prophet mohammed (s.a.s) that never think bad about muslims.

    Even muslims doesn’t know what work they do.
    Some say they don’t call non-muslims towards islam.
    Some call them wahabi.
    Some call them gustaakhay rasool.
    Some call them bidathi.
    Some call them fools leaving their homes.
    Some call them deviated.

    But they call everyone towards Allah and prophet mohammed (s.a.s).

    And this man went out mad, traveled more than 72 countries, spending whatever he has earned in his life .He goes in the path of Allah for about 8 months in a year and spends 4 months with his family.
    Born to a new-muslim women in Scotland.
    He did baith on hands of Moulana yousuf kandhalvi (rah) and moved on foot through jungles of Africa,in the sands of Arab,in the cold of European countries to spread islam.
    Entered America to spread islam and changed lakhs of them.
    But remains hidden for this is done for Allah and not for shows.
    His age is now 95(may Allah give barkath in his life) and even now he goes for 8months in the path of Allah.This is the energy of eman which makes him stand to fight for islam at this age.
    He is Karnal or Colonel Syed Amiruddin Khan sahab .
    I have seen him and I could not control myself from crying when I look into his eyes.he comes every year to Hyderabad/India (he has spent most of his life in Hyderabad).He is just great.

    There are thousands of such examples, but they remain silent because they do it for Allah.

    They are connected to what people call them Tabligh jamath.
    (Where as Tabligh was duty of every muslim)



    May Allah grant us hidayath from lives of these people.


    1. tablig jamaat bangladesh has staged a human rally protesting india's construction of tipaimukh dam.
      tablig jamaat is following prophet,sahabas and quran hadith compleletly at least in principle. they are the only righteous islamic group.
      their activity resembles that of muslims in golden age of muslims.

      at golden age muslims were best in science,art,literature,military..in every sect. tablig has the same vision.they are equally developing muslims in every sects.

      i am not a follower of tablig.but i wish them all the best.

      ..........M Syfullah

    2. Jajakallah M Syfullah for your comment.Really this kind of vision is always welcomed.



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