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  • Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Dawah & Tabligh and me

    First we should know what is Dawah and Tabligh.In what condition it starts to begin.First i make clear that this is not any new things.Dawat starts from the beginning of the earth.The first man appears in the earth(Hazrat Adam(Peach be Upon Him)) was a prophet.And His only work in the earth was dawah.After that all the prophet that arrives in the earth did this respectable job.And their characteristics was that they did not take any reward from the creation.Their only ambition was ALLAH's satisfactory.For this they went to the misguided people and made their speech that "Say La Ilaha Illallah and you will success in the worldly life and the life hereafter".But it is a matter of bad luck that many of the years the muslims forgot this valuable work and that is why muslim forgot the meanings of "Being muslim".Then early of 1920 Hazrat Maulana Ilyas (RA)again tried to reveal the old work of Prophet.The new movement was met with dramatic success in relatively short period of time, due to Maulana Ilyas’s utmost devotion, determined efforts and sincerity of purpose. As a result many Muslims joined Maulana Ilyas’s movement to preach the message of Islam in every town and village of the world.Now a days almost all the country are involved in this world changing movement.In thie movement the processes are as follows:

    • Pass 120 days (4 month, 3 chilla) continuously in the path of ALLAH at least one time
    • Pass 40 days (1 chilla) continuously in the path of ALLAH each year
    • Pass 3 days continuously in the path of ALLAH each month.
    • Read the Kitab(Fazl a amal)- half an hour daily in the mosque and half an hour in the home.
    • Daily fikir about din
    • Daily dawat to the local poeple- at least 2 and half an hour
    • 2 gast in each week(one in the local mosque and another in the other mosque)
    The above processes are called 5 works in short.Then i want to mention my connection with this movement.

    About 7 years ago i came to know about this jamat from a jamat(group of poeple) of Student and professor of Dhaka University.They requested me to pass 3 days with this jamat.And i became agree with their proposal.But my father denied this and that is why i could not start my first travel with this movement.Then when i studied in the versity BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) many of our seniror brothers gave me dawat(request) to join this jamat.They said that joining this jamat i could get peach in mind. And really at that moment i was searching for that peach in mind.I was really frustated at that moment.No sleep in night, bad result in the buet exam and mental violation with others.These all make my life in hell.After finishing my first year i went to tabligh jamat only for 3 days . But i did not enjoy it really.Then i engaged with other movement of islam and went far from the tablighi movement.But after finishing second year i realized that with out this movement i could not be strong in islam.My din wll be hampered by my society.So i started to practice this mehonot(movement) seriously.Now i completed 3 chilla(4 month,120 days) with this movement.And trying to go with this movement which makes my life very nice, enjoyful,rewarded me with a beautiful lady and good sleep in night.
    So dear reader i invite you also to join you in this movement and make a promise with you that you will find your proper guidense here.


    1. jazakallah khair. may i suggest a kitab 'muntakhab ahadeeth' also used for ta'leem and a beautiful compilation.

    2. @Muslima20 :Thanks a lot for your nice comment.I would follow your advice.For your information i have book named 'muntakhab ahadeeth' but it is not for ijtemaye(collectively) ta'leem.It is only for inferade(alone) ta'leem.

      jazakallah for you nice comment again.

    3. Please don't misunderstand me but shouldn't you start giving dawah to your locality first before moving onto another city/mosque/country?
      Also are you aware of unauthentic hadiths in Fazail e Amal?
      Also don't you consider doing these extra practises part of innovations in the religion as the predecessors of the Prophet did not practice it.

      Lastly, I went Bangladesh last year and realised they thought I'm a taublighi and was giving me negetive vibe. Until I made a clear I am not part of the Taublighi jamat. So just want to know why do Muslims in Bangladesh have negative view of Taublighis?

    4. Jajakallah Mehedy for your kind comment.Although it is not the right way to make you out but i can try.

      @1. Please imagine a scene.A man go abroad to give dawah.Then local people say "Why do you come here?Are all the people of your country get hedayat?If not then go your country and give then dawah." So the people comes to his country go to dawah to local people.Then the local people say "You give dawah to us but what about your family?"So he quits to give dawah to the local people.Then he starts to give dawah to his family.Then one of his family member say "You give dawah to us but what about you?Are you perfect?" Then what should he do? In this regard,Dear brother our Propher(Peach be upon Him) went to Madina before all the people of Macca got Hedayat.

      @2.I am conscious about unauthentic hadiths in Fazail e Amal.But according to Muhaddis(Master of hadiths) weak hadis is allowed to describe in case of Fazail but not for Masail.

      @3.All the practices that are doing tablighi jamaat is from Quran,Hadis or the life of Sahaba-e-kiram.

      @4.Yes i agree with you that some of the Bangladeshi people are anti tablighi.But it is common practice.Because when the prophet began to give dawah to his community ,his community went against him.It is not the sign of any wrong activities of any movement.

      Jajakallah Mehedi.I think you asked the question only to know the real fact.Brother today Tablighi movement is spreading all over the world.I think it will be better for you to spend some time with this movement.It will make your dunya(the life of earth) and akhirat(the life hereafter) better,happy and more more peaceful.

    5. dobila2004@yahoo.comJuly 1, 2010 at 6:58 PM

      For this work we need Iklash(Only for Allah)and we do this work for our rectification nothing ealse .

    6. alhamdulillah!! for my expiriences in tabligh..when i started to spend 3dys with tabligi jamaat and i feel something i cant xpress how i feel and happy,,,and also that is the one reason why im become now succefuly hafidh....thanks allah for his mercy!!so my brothers dont think bad for this kind movement dawat tabligh



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