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  • Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Five Richest People in the WORLD

    Guess who are they?

    Now the turn of the richest person.

    Is it that difficult for us to become RICHEST if only for the sake
    of Allah and HIS Messenger. Why can’t we? Why don’t we try?
    Almighty Allah says “Those who are lost in this world and its desires
    don’t have any knowledge of
    Akhirah (Judgement Day) and what lies beyond”
    If only we establish FIVE time prayers we would see a difference.

    Five time prayers leads to good deeds. Five times a day prayers
    is what Allah is asking us and in return HE has promised us rewards in this life and hereafter.


    1. Indeed this is a fact.

      Even the king of the whole world has to go to grave with an empty hand. Not a single penny he could be able to hold along him. Because in the life-hereafter (which is endless), only a single penny will serve us. And that penny is the "SAWAB i.e. Reward for good deeds/ reward for abiding by the commandments of ALLAH".

      May ALLAH make all of us the richest in reality.

    2. Thanks Rakib for your nice comment.You are always welcomed to my site and i wish your nice comment will continue

    3. Alhamdulillah, good article.

      Nothing but the three actions that prevails after death are:

      1. donations [sadkai jaria]
      2. the knowledge [elm] that helps people
      3. blessworthy son/daughter [nek sontan]

      May Allah bless all of us and give strength to make good blessworthy deeds in our life.




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