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  • Sunday, April 5, 2009

    How I become muslim

    Don’t afraid, my dear. I was never non muslim from my childhood. Actually I borned in a Muslim family. Both My father and mother were muslim. But I did not practice islam in my life very strongly. Like many other muslim I also did my salat only in Friday.At that time I had not any good conception about Islam. I only know something that is very common. But I have no deep idea.To prey salat in Friday was enough for me. To make roja in the first day , last day and in the 27th day of the month Ramadan was enough for me. I have no true idea about the life hereafter. In this condition about 21 years of my life had passed . After finishing my secondary school exam I came in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh to study my higher secondary class. Here I passed about 3 more years without any further knowledge of islam. Then in 2002 I get admitted myself into BUET(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) in the subject Computer Science and Engineering .Then come the turning point

    When I read in the 1st year and 2nd semester then I had some good time with Rakib,my best friend so far.Sometimes it happened that he told me something about islam.His way of speaking was very interesting.I liked to pass the whole night with him with talking about islam. At that time i start to pray 5 times in a day.One day i took the companionship of a great scholar of islam named Shikh Abdur Razzak who resides in Bogra,another city of Bangladesh.Then i came more close to islam.I started to do all my work according to Propher(PBUH).And practice islam seriously.And i think then i become a muslim.Previously i was a muslim with name only,but now i am a muslim with work also.I feel tremendous joy and my life is very nice now than any other time.Please pray for me as i become more perfect muslim with iman and amal.
    Jajakallah to you all.


    1. Alhamdulillah.

      All praises to ALLAH subhanu ta'la who gives hidayat to whom he loves. May ALLAH open our hearts and make us steadfast in the path of Islam.


    2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your cmnts...

      He,me too software developer & trouble shooter....What's ur fav Lang.?

      glad to see another IT developer working for ISlam.

      Well brother i have some sujjestions,as u said you will post information of fake sites.

      Its already in My Websites,Why you want to waste time in doing same thing.Wel to display fake list in ur site,you can post link of my post in ur site.if you found new sites,send it to me,i will post in my site.

      Try to find the things which is not available on many sites related to ISlam.

      i mean if all bloggers will do same thing,then this will not give advantage to Muslim brother and sisters & New Converts.

      so,pls choose the things which is not available generally seen on websites....

      after all our motive is to spread islam.if everyone will display same information "What is Islam ? " then this will not help others.as Its already in lots of Websites.

      so think about this.

      bytheway,this is my personal sujjestion,rest is ur wish!

      Allah hafiz

      slave of ALLAH!

    3. i'm always available for any kind of help you need!

    4. @islamgreatreligion Jajakallah for your nice advice.Welcome to my site and please continue your advice.



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